Sunday, September 18, 2011

Punjab has gone in the Political pocket of NDA[National Democratic Alliance]

S.G.P.C. Is the supreme committee to manage holy and historical gurudwaras [except]manikaran sahab&hemkundsaahabEtc.] Elections for this committee are completed With polling of 62% for 163 seats of Punjab+Hariyana+HP+cHANDIHARG seven members are already declared unopposed . Reports says that SAD SHROMANI AKALI DAL[Badal] has used all measures and maintained upper edge as usual.This SAD is ruling the State by all means and no doubt committee will go to this ruling party.It Is Said in the State That WHO hold SGPC holds state Govt also.SAD Is the political partner of BHARTIY JANTAA PARTY[BJP]LED NDA.So It can be said that atleast one State has gone in the pocket of NDA[National Democratic Alliance]

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